20 Top-Rated Beaches in Egypt

20 Top-Rated Beaches in Egypt

Egypt, a land revered for its ancient pyramids and mesmerizing Nile, hides another treasure – its breathtaking beaches. Nestled along the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, Egypt’s coastline boasts a fusion of golden sands, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life. Whether you’re a diving enthusiast, sun seeker, or just looking for a serene coastal escape, Egypt promises a beach experience. Dive into our guide and let the waves guide you to this historical land’s best beaches. Each beach spot is perfect for tourists and blends beauty, culture, and unforgettable memories.

Let’s see which are the most popular Beaches in Egypt:

Sunny Beach – South Sinai, Nabq

Nestled along the breathtaking Sinai Peninsula, Sunny Beach is one of South Sinai’s lesser-mentioned but equally mesmerizing coastal stretches. A quick drive from the bustling Na’ama Bay, it is a quieter alternative to its more famous neighbors.

The beach offers an enticing blend of golden sands and azure waters, making it perfect for both sun seekers and water enthusiasts. Families can take comfort in the gentle waves and dedicated swimming zones, while couples will appreciate the secluded spots that promise private moments.

While Sharm is globally renowned for its vibrant marine life, Sunny Beach stands out with its unique snorkeling points. Here, lesser-mentioned coral formations house diverse aquatic species, offering an exclusive underwater experience.

Sunny Beach - South Sinai, Nabq

Photo Source: BeachSearcher.com

As night descends, Sunny Beach transforms. The lack of throbbing discos and bars makes for starlit tranquility. However, if nightlife is on the agenda, Na’ama Bay’s energetic scene is just a short drive away.

For accommodation, several boutique hotels and resorts pepper the vicinity, each promising a blend of comfort and authenticity.

A noteworthy point for travelers is the beach’s commitment to sustainability. Efforts are consistently made to protect its marine habitats and ensure an eco-friendly experience for visitors.

In essence, Sunny Beach is a testament to Sharm’s multifaceted charm: a serene oasis just moments away from the heart of the action. Discover a side of Sharm El Sheikh that many often overlook.

Hurghada Beaches: Egypt’s Riveting Red Sea Retreat

Nestled along the sunlit shores of Egypt’s Red Sea coast, Hurghada is a jewel of marine wonder and coastal charm. Once a modest fishing village, it has metamorphosed into a vibrant resort town teeming with life.

Stepping onto its sandy shores, you’re greeted by a coast stretch oscillating between serene sandy expanses and a bustling beachfront. Its underwater realm is a colorfest, making it a diver’s haven with vibrant coral gardens and many marine species. Families will find joy in the plethora of water activities suitable for all ages, while couples can indulge in romantic beachfront dinners under a canopy of stars.

Hurghada Beaches

Travelers will appreciate the city’s cosmopolitan vibe, with many locals and service providers speaking English. The El Dahar district offers a glimpse into traditional Egyptian life, with bustling markets and eateries.

Accommodation-wise, Hurghada boasts an impressive range, from the opulent Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh to budget-friendly resorts. Many hotels offer private beachfronts, ensuring a serene escape from the main public areas.

In essence, whether you’re snorkeling amid the Red Sea’s treasures, or sunbathing on its golden sands, or savoring its vibrant nightlife, Hurghada promises an unforgettable blend of adventure and relaxation.

Dahab- Sinai Peninsula

Situated on the southeastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula, Dahab is a tranquil oasis that effortlessly blends the relaxed vibe of a backpacker’s retreat with the natural beauty of the Red Sea.

Unlike its glitzier counterparts, Dahab retains a bohemian charm, characterized by laid-back beach cafes, low-rise hotels, and a palpable sense of community. Its shores present a tapestry of golden sands and rocky outcrops, leading to shimmering turquoise waters. The renowned Blue Hole, just north of Dahab, beckons divers from across the globe, promising an ethereal underwater experience.

Dahab- Sinai Peninsula

For families, Dahab’s calm lagoons are perfect for introducing kids to the wonders of snorkeling. Couples, conversely, will find romance in the simplicity of beachside Bedouin-style dinners lit by a canopy of stars.

Travelers should be prepared for a more relaxed pace and authentic feel. English is commonly spoken, especially in the hospitality sector. Accommodation ranges from charming boutique hotels like the Dahab Paradise to budget-friendly beach huts.

In a nutshell, Dahab offers a rustic and enchanting experience. Whether you’re a diving fan, a yoga enthusiast, or simply someone seeking a serene seaside escape, Dahab’s allure is undeniable.

Marsa Alam in south-eastern Egypt

Marsa Alam, located on Egypt’s southeastern coast, is a haven for those seeking pristine beaches and untapped marine beauty. Marsa Alam retains an air of serenity, unlike its busier Red Sea counterparts, making it a treasured relaxing spot.

Its beaches blend soft sands and rugged coastlines, ushering visitors to the crystal-clear waters famed for rich coral reefs and the chance to swim with dugongs and sea turtles. Divers and snorkelers will find the underwater world both enthralling and exceptionally preserved.

Marsa Alam

Families will appreciate the calm, shallow waters at many beachfront resorts, offering a safe haven for younger swimmers. Couples, meanwhile, can relish in the secluded spots for sunbathing and the romantic aura of sunset cruises.

Marsa Alam provides a more authentic and tranquil Egyptian Red Sea experience. Basic Arabic phrases might be handy, but English is understood in most tourist areas. Accommodations range from the luxurious Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay to cozy, budget-friendly lodges.

Marsa Alam is an invitation to experience the Red Sea in its raw beauty. This tranquil beach destination is a must-visit for those desiring an escape from the crowds, with direct access to some of the world’s best marine sights.

El Gouna- Near Hurghada

Perched on the Red Sea’s western shores, El Gouna is often likened to a slice of Europe in Egypt. Characterized by its network of turquoise lagoons, bridges, and island neighborhoods, it epitomizes luxury and architectural elegance.

Upon setting foot in El Gouna, one is welcomed by its orderly streets, manicured gardens, and an unmistakable air of sophistication. Its beaches boast golden sands, complemented by the azure of the sea, ideal for sunbathing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding. The surrounding coral reefs teem with marine life, beckoning divers and snorkelers.

El Gouna

Families will revel in the array of water sports, kids’ clubs, and safe swimming zones many resorts offer. Couples can indulge in intimate lagoon-side dinners, spa treatments, and yacht tours.

Travelers can expect world-class amenities with an eco-friendly touch, as El Gouna prides itself on being a green city. English is widely spoken, and the town is designed for both walking and cycling. El Gouna presents a spectrum of accommodations, from the upscale Ancient Sands Resort to charming boutique hotels.

El Gouna is more than just a beach destination; it’s an interwoven experience of luxury, culture, and nature. Whether you’re a water sports enthusiast, a golfer, or someone seeking the finer things in life, El Gouna promises a memorable stay.

Nuweiba- Sinai Peninsula

Cradled between the majestic mountains of Sinai and the Red Sea’s crystal-clear waters, Nuweiba offers a serene escape from Egypt’s bustling tourist hubs. Situated north of Dahab and south of Taba, its location makes it a gateway to some of Sinai’s most picturesque coastlines.

Nuweiba’s beachfront is diverse, transitioning from sandy stretches to rocky shores. The tranquil ambiance makes it perfect for families seeking a peaceful beach day and couples looking for a romantic seaside retreat. Dotted along the coast are traditional Bedouin camps, offering a blend of cultural immersion and relaxation.

Nuweiba- Sinai Peninsula

While Nuweiba’s nightlife is more subdued than Sharm El Sheikh or Dahab, its charm lies in the simplicity of beach bonfires, traditional music, and stargazing sessions.

Travelers venturing to Nuweiba should be prepared for a more authentic and laid-back experience. Basic amenities are available, but it’s advisable to carry essentials. English is understood in tourist areas, but a few Arabic phrases can enhance local interaction. Accommodation choices range from eco-lodges like Habiba Village to more standard hotels such as the Helnan Nuweiba Bay Resort.

Nuweiba invites visitors to experience the Sinai coast’s raw, untouched beauty. If a serene backdrop, cultural richness, and natural allure resonate with you, Nuweiba is a destination waiting to be discovered. 

Marsa Matruh- Mediterranean Coast

Positioned on the sparkling coast of the Mediterranean, Marsa Matruh is a delightful divergence from Egypt’s better-known Red Sea destinations. Located west of Alexandria, its beaches stand out with their powdery white sands and mesmerizing shades of blue, offering a serene sanctuary far from the madding crowd.

One of the lesser-known jewels nearby is Al Gharam Beach, a secluded cove perfect for those seeking tranquility. The waters in Marsa Matruh are uniquely calm and shallow, making them exceptionally family-friendly. Couples will be captivated by the romantic setting, with sunsets painting the Mediterranean in hues of gold and crimson.

Marsa Matruh

Though Marsa Matruh’s nightlife is understated, its charm lies in evening promenade walks and the soft hum of traditional cafes. There’s a gentle blend of the modern with vestiges of its Italian and British colonial past.

Travelers should anticipate a blend of traditional Egyptian warmth and Mediterranean leisure. While some resorts and hotels cater to international visitors, expect local nuances in smaller establishments. Notable stays include the Beau Site Hotel and the Adriatica Marsa Matruh.

Diving deeper into Marsa Matruh promises discoveries of untouched coves, World War II relics, and local eateries serving sumptuous seafood. This is a haven where the Mediterranean’s calm meets Egyptian hospitality, offering an experience that few other destinations can match.

Na’ama Bay- Sharm El Sheikh

Centrally located in Sharm El Sheikh, Na’ama Bay is more than just a beach—it’s where the city’s pulse can truly be felt. While the coastline gleams with golden sands and inviting azure waters, it’s the promenade that sets Na’ama apart.

Adjacent to the main beach, there’s the lesser-mentioned Ras Um Sid Beach and Terrace. While Na’ama thrives with activity, Ras Um Sid offers quieter snorkeling experiences, revealing a tapestry of coral formations and vibrant marine life just a few meters from the shore.

Na'ama Bay

Na’ama Bay is family-centric, with shallow waters and numerous water sports. For couples, the allure lies in the sunset dhow cruises, offering a romantic view of the bay under the golden hour.

As night falls, Na’ama transforms. Cafés, shisha lounges, and nightclubs, some with floating decks, come alive. An often overlooked detail is the aromatic trail of local spices and grills, hinting at the sumptuous Middle Eastern feasts available in tucked-away eateries.

For travelers, it’s advisable to explore both the bustling main areas and the quieter alleys to experience the bay’s whole character. Accommodations are abundant, with the Novotel Sharm El Sheikh and the Movenpick Resort standing out.

Na’ama Bay encapsulates Sharm El Sheikh’s vibrancy. While the beach beckons sun-worshippers, the promenade’s stories, flavors, and rhythms offer a unique sensory experience.

Taba- Sinai Peninsula

Poised at the northern tip of Sinai, Taba is more than just a border town—it’s where the rugged mountains elegantly meet the serene Red Sea. Overlooking the junction of four countries, Taba’s vistas encompass Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia—a geographical marvel few other beaches can boast.

Adjacent to Taba is the often-overlooked Fjord Bay, a diving spot renowned among enthusiasts for its pristine coral formations and diverse marine life. It’s a spectacle for snorkelers and those who prefer to lounge by the shore.

Taba- Sinai Peninsula

Photo source: Beachsearcher.com

The beaches in Taba are a mix of golden sands and rocky outcrops, offering spots of seclusion that are equally appealing to families and couples. As the sun sets, the silhouette of the distant mountains creates a romantic atmosphere, though nightlife remains modest, reflecting the town’s tranquil spirit.

A lesser-known tidbit for travelers is the Castle of Salah El-Din on Pharaoh’s Island, a short boat ride away. This historical relic, with its preserved fortifications, narrates tales of ancient trade routes and bygone conflicts.

Accommodations in Taba range from luxury resorts like the Taba Hotel & Nelson Village to more modest lodgings. Many provide stunning views of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Taba is a transit point and a destination rich in geographical wonders, historical tales, and untouched coastal beauty—an intimate retreat for those seeking a deeper connection with the Sinai.

Sahl Hasheesh- South of Hurghada

South of Hurghada, Sahl Hasheesh unfolds as an upscale haven along the Red Sea’s pristine coastline. Crafted with luxury in mind, its grand archways and intricately designed promenade speak of its aspiration to redefine beachfront opulence.

Makadi Bay, a short drive away, offers a complementary experience with its vibrant coral reefs and water activities—providing an alternative spot for beachgoers.

Sahl Hasheesh’s sandy beach, gently sloping into the translucent sea, is an idyllic playground for families. At the same time, couples find solace in secluded coves or on the private beachfront of luxury resorts.

Sahl Hasheesh

One of the bay’s less-mentioned gems is the submerged “Old Town” – an artificial underwater structure built for divers. This whimsical dive site offers a unique exploration experience as curious marine life flits between submerged archways and relics.

While Sahl Hasheesh enjoys a serene ambiance by day, evenings see a subtle transformation. The central piazza, illuminated by soft lights, comes alive with intimate eateries, live music, and soft melodies echoing across the bay. Yet, nightlife remains elegant and understated.

For accommodations, the area boasts a spectrum of luxury resorts, like the Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh and the Oberoi Beach Resort. Travelers seeking indulgence, tranquility, and a touch of mystery will find Sahl Hasheesh exceeds expectations.

Agiba Beach- Mediterranean coast

Tucked away near Marsa Matruh on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast, Agiba Beach is a small crescent of paradise, offering a secluded retreat from the usual tourist spots. Its name, “Agiba,” fittingly means “miracle” in Arabic—a testament to its captivating beauty.

While Cleopatra’s Beach, just a short distance away, garners much attention, Agiba’s charm lies in its relative seclusion and untouched splendor. The beach is cradled between towering cliffs, creating a natural amphitheater of golden sand and azure waters.

Its intimate size makes Agiba perfect for families and couples alike. The gentle waves of the Mediterranean and the stunning backdrop provide an almost private beach experience, especially if visited during off-peak times.

Agiba Beach

A less-mentioned but noteworthy feature is the cliff-top path that leads to Agiba. The trail, while steep, offers panoramic views of the coastline, and the descent to the beach feels like uncovering a well-kept secret.

Nightlife is almost nonexistent, aligning with the beach’s serene nature. For accommodations, visitors typically stay in Marsa Matruh, where options like the Beau Site Hotel provide comfort close to the coast.

In summary, Agiba Beach is for those seeking the Mediterranean’s untouched charm, away from commercialized resorts. Its raw beauty, with the whispers of waves and the warmth of golden sands, makes Agiba a memorable slice of Egypt’s coastal wonders.

Ras Shitan- Sinai Peninsula

Nestled along the coastline of the Sinai Peninsula, Ras Shitan is a beach destination that eschews the commercial flash of larger resorts, offering an authentic Bedouin experience by the Red Sea. Located north of Nuweiba, its proximity to the Asian continent lends it a unique blend of cultures and histories.

The beach here is a canvas of golden sands set against azure waters, bordered by rugged mountains. The scenery alone is a testament to nature’s artistry, with underwater treasures waiting to be explored. Snorkeling reveals colorful coral gardens and a myriad of marine life.

What sets Ras Shitan apart from many other beach destinations in the region is its emphasis on eco-tourism and cultural immersion. Traditional Bedouin camps dot the coastline, offering guests simple bamboo huts or tents. Spending the night under the stars, accompanied by Bedouin tales and songs around a campfire, is an experience that resonates deeply.

Ras Shitan

Photo source: Beachsearcher.com

Ras Shitan is perfect for both families seeking an educational and grounding beach experience, and couples wanting to escape the modern world’s hustle. Its tranquility also appeals to solo travelers and those on a spiritual quest.

Nightlife here is a far cry from the bustling clubs of larger resorts. Instead, expect traditional music, dancing, and the mesmerizing rhythms of the doumbek drum.

Accommodations lean towards eco-lodges and Bedouin camps, with places like Moon Island Camp offering a genuine experience.

Ras Shitan invites visitors to slow down, immerse in local traditions, and find peace in nature’s embrace. It’s a place where the Red Sea’s wonders meet the heart and soul of the Bedouin way of life.

Sharm El Luli- Near Marsa Alam town

Deep in the south of Egypt’s eastern coastline, near Marsa Alam, lies a pristine slice of paradise: Sharm El Luli. This secluded haven, relatively untouched by the footprints of mass tourism, offers an idyllic escape into nature’s unblemished beauty.

Unlike the manicured resorts or bustling hubs, Sharm El Luli showcases a stretch of pure white sands gradually meeting crystal-clear turquoise waters. As you venture deeper, the gradient of blues paints a mesmerizing picture of tranquility.

One of the highlights of this beach is its vibrant coral reefs, teeming with marine life. Even in the shallows, one can witness a rainbow of fish and coral formations, making it a snorkeler’s dream. The gentle waters are also conducive for families, ensuring safety for even the youngest swimmers.

Sharm El Luli

While Sharm El Luli exudes romance with its serenity and panoramic vistas, making it perfect for couples, there aren’t any restaurants or cafés in the immediate vicinity. Visitors often pack picnics, embracing the untouched nature of the location.

Nightlife, in the conventional sense, is absent. Instead, the stars take center stage, illuminating the night in a spectacular cosmic display.

For accommodations, travelers typically stay in nearby Marsa Alam, where a range of options from luxury resorts to budget lodgings are available.

Sharm El Luli is a testament to the Red Sea’s untouched grandeur. It beckons those seeking pure relaxation, unparalleled underwater exploration, and an immersive experience in nature’s pristine embrace.

Marsa Mubarak- south of Port Ghalib

Positioned near Marsa Alam, Marsa Mubarak is one of the Red Sea’s most enchanting dive and snorkeling sites. Less of a traditional beach and more of a lagoon, this spot is a genuine marine sanctuary that promises visitors an intimate encounter with the underwater world.

The lagoon’s calm, clear waters are a haven for many marine species. One of its standout inhabitants is the gentle dugong, the “sea cow.” These rare marine mammals and a host of vibrant coral formations and schools of colorful fish make snorkeling and diving here an unforgettable experience.

Ideal for families and beginners, the shallow waters provide a safe environment for young swimmers and those new to snorkeling. The depth and diversity, however, also cater to seasoned divers seeking a richer underwater experience.

Marsa Mubarak- Port Ghalib

Photo source: Beachsearcher.com

Couples will find Marsa Mubarak’s tranquil ambiance perfect for a romantic day out. Its remote location means fewer crowds, allowing for a more serene and personal encounter with nature.

While the site doesn’t boast nightlife or eateries, its charm lies in its unspoiled natural beauty; visitors often come prepared with snacks and refreshments.

For accommodations, Marsa Alam, a short drive away, offers a spectrum of options, from luxurious resorts to cozy lodges.

Marsa Mubarak is more than just a dive site; it’s a testament to the Red Sea’s rich biodiversity and natural splendor. A day here is a journey into the heart of marine life, where nature magically unveils its secrets.

Shark’s Bay Beach- Sharm El Sheikh

Located a stone’s throw away from the vibrant heart of Sharm El Sheikh, Shark’s Bay Beach offers a delightful blend of coastal charm and underwater magic. Though relatively smaller than its neighboring beaches, this enclave packs a punch with its offerings.

The beach is a picturesque tableau of golden sands juxtaposed against the shimmering blues of the Red Sea. Its calm and clear waters are a gateway to an underwater realm brimming with marine life. The bay is renowned for its dive sites, with coral gardens, shipwrecks, and vibrant fish species captivating the hearts of divers and snorkelers alike.

Families will appreciate the beach’s amenities, including sunbeds and parasols, ensuring a comfortable day under the sun. The gentle waters are also suitable for kids to paddle in, making it a family-friendly spot.

Shark's Bay Beach

Photo Source: Beachsearcher.com

For couples, the allure lies in the tranquil patches and the mesmerizing sunset views, painting the horizon in hues of gold and crimson.

The nearby Shark’s Bay promenade has a range of eateries and shops. While the bay itself isn’t a hub for nightlife, Sharm El Sheikh’s pulsating nightlife venues are easily accessible.

Regarding accommodation, the vicinity offers many options, from luxury resorts like the Four Seasons to budget-friendly lodgings.

A lesser-known fact about Shark’s Bay Beach is its commitment to eco-tourism. The bay is part of a protected area, emphasizing the preservation of its marine ecosystems.

Shark’s Bay Beach is a gem that marries natural beauty with modern amenities. Whether diving deep into its waters or lounging on its shores, this beach promises a day of sun, sea, and serenity.

Abu Dabbab Beach- near Marsa Alam Marine 

Near Marsa Alam on Egypt’s southeastern coast, Abu Dabbab Beach is a treasure trove for nature enthusiasts and underwater adventurers. This tranquil bay, caressed by golden sands and embraced by the azure Red Sea, offers more than just picturesque views—it’s a marine sanctuary that invites exploration.

One of Abu Dabbab’s standout features is its rich marine biodiversity. The bay is famous for its resident dugongs, endearing sea creatures that have earned it the nickname “Dugong Bay.” Alongside these gentle giants, green turtles and a rainbow of reef fish call the waters home, delighting snorkelers and divers with every encounter.

Abu Dabbab Beach

The shallow, calm waters make Abu Dabbab a family-friendly destination. Kids can safely paddle along the shore, and the beach offers ample amenities for a comfortable day out, from sun loungers to snack bars.

Couples seeking a serene retreat will appreciate the bay’s peaceful ambiance, punctuated only by the sound of gentle waves and the rustling of palm leaves.

For those in pursuit of more profound underwater experiences, diving centers provide guided trips to explore the nearby reefs and wrecks.

Though nightlife is subdued at Abu Dabbab, Marsa Alam, a short distance away, offers a variety of entertainment options. As for accommodations, visitors can choose from the nearby luxury lodges or opt for eco-friendly camps to stay closer to nature.

An often-overlooked gem is the mangrove area near the beach, showcasing another layer of the region’s diverse ecosystems.

Abu Dabbab Beach is a sun-soaked retreat and a journey into nature’s aquatic wonders. Whether you’re sunbathing on the sands or diving among the dugongs, this beach promises a truly immersive experience.

Ras Um Sid- Sharm El Sheikh

Situated at the tip of Sharm El Sheikh, Ras Um Sid offers an enthralling blend of scenic beauty and marine allure. A mere hop from the famous Na’ama Bay, this locale merges the charisma of its neighbor with its unique charm.

The beach’s main attraction is its spectacular cliff, plummeting deep into the azure of the Red Sea, hosting an orchestra of marine life. An intricate dance of fan corals, anemones, and myriad fish species plays out, luring snorkelers and divers into its depths.

Families will be captivated by the easily accessible coral formations close to the shore, ensuring both safety and wonder for young explorers. The beach amenities, including loungers and eateries, make for a hassle-free outing.

Ras Um Sid- Sharm El Sheikh

Couples can find secluded spots along the coast, adding a touch of romance to the breathtaking sunset vistas.

While Ras Um Sid isn’t a nightlife hotspot, the proximity to Sharm’s vibrant hubs ensures evening entertainment is just a short drive away.

Travelers keen on an underwater expedition can find numerous dive centers offering guided trips to deeper sites. And for accommodations? A mix of plush resorts and budget-friendly hotels line the cliff-top and nearby areas.

A less-mentioned gem is the Ras Um Sid plateau, an underwater realm with varying depths, making it an exploration site suited for both novice and experienced divers.

Ras Um Sid is where the desert cliffs kiss the sea, offering visitors an exceptional coastal experience both above and below the waterline.

Almaza Bay- Mediterranean North Coast

Along Egypt’s Mediterranean North Coast, Almaza Bay emerges as a pristine sanctuary of luxury and leisure. A relatively recent entrant in Egypt’s coastal destinations, it perfectly captures the allure of the Mediterranean, blending it with modern comforts.

A sweeping stretch of soft white sand bordered by gentle, azure waves sets the scene. The bay’s tranquil and shallow waters make it a fantastic spot for families with children looking for safe swimming zones.

For couples, Almaza Bay is synonymous with opulence. Picture-perfect spots are sprinkled across the beach, offering an idyllic backdrop for those romantic sunset moments.

Almaza Bay- Mediterranean North Coast

Photo Source: Tripadvisor.com

While the bay itself exudes tranquility, adventure seekers aren’t left wanting. Water sports, from jet-skiing to windsurfing, are available for thrill enthusiasts.

When the sun sets, the bay doesn’t sleep. The nightlife is vibrant but sophisticated, with beachfront cafes and classy lounges offering an eclectic mix of entertainment and delectable cuisines.

One of the standout features of Almaza Bay is its resort-studded shoreline. Top-notch establishments ensure visitors experience the epitome of luxury. Travelers can expect everything from world-class spas to gourmet restaurants.

A lesser-known fact, but intriguing for many, is the bay’s commitment to sustainable tourism. Many resorts emphasize eco-friendly practices, ensuring the region’s pristine beauty is preserved for generations to come.

Almaza Bay is where the Mediterranean’s timeless charm meets contemporary luxury, making it a must-visit for those seeking a lavish yet serene getaway.

Zeytuna Beach- near El Gouna

Located within the vibrant town of El Gouna, along Egypt’s Red Sea coast, Zeytuna Beach stands as a beacon of relaxation and recreation. This private beach, unique in its offerings, is a testament to El Gouna’s commitment to quality and charm.

Sprawling white sands stretch out to greet the crystalline waters, making the beach an ideal spot for sunbathing. The two jetties extending into the sea are Zeytuna’s signature features, providing snorkelers direct access to vibrant coral reefs brimming with marine life.

Families will appreciate the calm, shallow waters near the shore, perfect for kids to frolic safely. The beach offers a range of amenities, from sun loungers to shade umbrellas, ensuring comfort for all its visitors.

El Gouna- Zeytuna Beach

Couples will find the beach’s serene ambiance, accentuated by picturesque views of the Red Sea’s horizon, a romantic setting for those memorable moments.

Zeytuna isn’t just about relaxation; it also caters to the active traveler. Kayaking, windsurfing, and other water sports are readily available for those seeking adventure.

While Zeytuna Beach provides a peaceful retreat, the wider El Gouna area is renowned for its lively nightlife, with many bars, lounges, and restaurants.

Regarding accommodation, El Gouna boasts a variety of options, from luxury resorts to cozy lodges, ensuring visitors find their perfect fit.

A lesser-highlighted but intriguing aspect of Zeytuna is its commitment to environmental responsibility. Efforts to maintain its pristine nature while minimizing ecological impact are evident, ensuring the beach remains a paradise for years to come.

Zeytuna Beach offers the quintessential El Gouna experience—a harmonious blend of natural beauty, leisure, and eco-consciousness.

Sahl Hasheesh- Near Hurghada

Tucked 20 kilometers south of Hurghada, Sahl Hasheesh is a stunning bay cradling a world of opulence and splendor along Egypt’s Red Sea coast. A purpose-built haven, it unfurls an unmatched standard of luxury amid natural wonders.

Golden sands gently embrace the clear azure waters, presenting a beach scene straight out of a dream. The shallow, placid waters are excellent for families, ensuring safety for young ones while offering a visual treat with submerged sculptures, a unique feature that intrigues snorkelers.

Couples, on the other hand, will relish the beach’s intimate nooks, perfect for quiet moments against the backdrop of mesmerizing sunsets.

Beyond sun-soaking, Sahl Hasheesh brims with activities. Dive centers introduce explorers to offshore reefs, while on land, equestrian adventures await.

Sahl Hasheesh

Night owls won’t be disappointed. The central piazza bustles with elegant lounges and gourmet restaurants, crafting a lively but refined nightlife scene.

Accommodation in Sahl Hasheesh is a statement of luxury. Sprawling resorts, many boasting private beaches, assure guests of world-class experiences.

A lesser-mentioned gem is the “Old Town” of Sahl Hasheesh. With its intricate architecture and winding alleys, it offers visitors a taste of a whimsically constructed historic atmosphere, complete with charming market stalls and eateries.

In a nutshell, Sahl Hasheesh is not just a destination; it’s an experience—a grand display of meticulous planning, environmental harmony, and luxury.

Best time to Visit some of the Beaches in Egypt

1. Climate Window

The ideal period to visit Egypt’s beaches spans from October to April. During these months, the weather is pleasant—warm days and cooler nights, ensuring comfort for sunbathing and evening strolls.

2. Winter vs. Summer 

While winter (especially December to February) sees milder temperatures and attracts most tourists, summer months, particularly in the Red Sea destinations like Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, can be sweltering but are less crowded.

3. Sea Temperatures

The Red Sea remains relatively warm year-round, making activities like snorkeling and diving enjoyable even in the winter months.

Best time to Visit

4. Festivals & Events

While not directly linked to beaches, it’s worth noting that Egypt hosts various festivals and events, especially during spring and fall. Visiting during these times can enrich your overall experience.

5. Pricing & Crowds

December and early January tend to be the peak due to holidays. Prices might spike, and popular spots could get crowded. For budget travelers, the shoulder months (October, November, March, and April) often offer a balance of good weather and reasonable rates.

6. Ramdan Factor

If traveling during Ramadan, expect altered opening hours for many businesses. While the coastal regions are more liberal, it’s respectful to be mindful of local customs.

Your best time hinges on preferences—whether you prioritize weather, budget, or cultural experiences. Always keep an eye on the calendar and plan accordingly. 

Final Words about Top Rated Beaches in Egypt

Whether you’re seeking the serene embrace of untouched shores, the vibrant life of coral reefs, or the luxury of sun-soaked resorts, Egypt’s top-rated beaches offer an unparalleled blend of beauty and adventure. From the crystal-clear waters of Sharm El Sheikh to the pristine stretches of Sahl Hasheesh, every grain of sand tells a tale of ancient wonders meeting modern splendor. Dive in and let Egypt’s coastal gems captivate your wanderlust. Experience the epitome of beachside bliss only in Egypt.

Before you go, read the Things to Know before traveling to Egypt guide.

Safe travels!

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